Hi πŸ‘‹, we are Amy and Wojtek. We are leadership consultants, executive coaches, teachers, professors. We are also a working couple, parents, and founders of the Sapling Leadership Studio, a leadership consultancy specialized in designing experiences that grow people's capacity to lead, learn and change.

Love&Learn is a space in which we explore the questions and issues related to modern work. We live in a world that is undergoing fundamental shift of values, with multiple stories emerging on how we should work and live. We are also facing unprecedented challenges brought by climate change, globalisation, digital technologies and machine learning.

Our mission is to help grow people's capacity to live in such complexity, and hopefully raise to its challenges. A lot of our work is about individual transitions and organisational transformations - liminal spaces that require a paradoxical stance combinging having a vision whilst being open to what is emerging. In simpler terms: spaces that require us to envision a better future while holding the present. Love&Learn is such a space for us, and we also hope it can be such a place for you.

If you want to explore Love&Learn more you can start with the series on transitions that we are writing now, or learn more about our own story.

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